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Error downloading board in the arduino IDE

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  • Error downloading board in the arduino IDE

    Hello all,

    I'm awaiting a response from the 4d team and figured I'd post my issue here, as well.
    I've just received my 4duino and am very excited to get started, however I can't seem to download the board in the arduino ide. I've followed the quick start guide as closely as I can, but when I look for the board in board manager, the ide returns:
    Error downloading

    Anyone else having this problem?

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    Hello Sean

    The link is
    4Duino with a capital D, you had lower case.

    Please try that. I took your link and changed the D to capital, and the download was successful.

    Kind Regards


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      That was it. In the quick start guide, it is listed with a lower case 'd'.
      Thank you!!!


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        Enjoy the 4Duino!
        I will get our IT people to make a duplicate on the server so other people don't experience this. Thanks for informing me.


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          Just to follow this up, our server has been modified to allow both 4duino and 4Duino path links now.
          Either should work.

          Can you please confirm what "Quick Start Guide" you are referring to which has this lower case link? Just so I am 100% sure so I can investigate further.



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            Sorry for the delayed response. The guide that I was following was at the following address:

            Thanks for your quick response to this issue.



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              I'm having a similar problem loading the the 4Duino using the Arduino's IDE Board Manager. Everything loaded just fine on my Dell laptop. However, on my tower I keep getting a download error when attempting to download either the 1.6.10 or 1.6.7 hardware profiles. I'm using the 1.6.7 version of the Arduino IDE. Any thoughts?


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                Hello rfterry,

                Using Arduino IDE 1.6.7 means you should only download the board for 1.6.7, as 1.6.10 had some changes and it likely will not work.

                Unsure why you are having download issues, but maybe you need to clear out the IDE's files for the boards and let it start again. Close the Arduino IDE.

                Go to C:\Users\[your name]\AppData\Local\Arduino15\staging\packages\ and in there you will find likely a file or two starting with '4dsystems'. Delete them.
                Then go to C:\Users\[your name]\AppData\Local\Arduino15\packages\ and delete the folder called '4D Systems'

                Open the Arduino IDE, and download the 1.6.7 board package for the 4Duino, and hopefully you will be OK.

                Reply back with how you got on.



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                  Please, can you help me out here!

                  I used the Wifi temperature code, it uploaded fine, and connected to wifi successfully bur the issue is that it tell me received: error after setup end


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                    Welcome to the forum,

                    Could you check this line to see if it 's the same as

                    hndl = Display.file_LoadImageControl("WiFi_T~1.dat", "WiFi_T~1.gci", 1);

                    and also check that WiFi_T~1.dat and WiFi_T~1.gci exist on the SD card.

                    I hope this helps

                    Best regards



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                      Hi PAUL,

                      I had commented out all display serial so as to concentrate on wifi and thingspeak alone.
                      setup begin
                      FW Version:
                      busy p...
                      busy p...
                      to station + softap ok
                      Join AP success
                      IP: +CIFSR:APIP,""
                      multiple ok
                      setup end
                      RECEIVED: Error Connecting

                      The last part of the message is my problem.

                      Thanks fr the help Paul.



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                        Please get a writeAPIKey from Or use the one in the demo code from
                        Attached is the screen capture when the 4Duino is communicating correctly to thingspeak.
                        Make sure the IP address for thingspeak is you can test it by pasting this IP address
                        to your browser and you should access the thingspeak website.

                        best regards, Click image for larger version

Name:	WifiTempThingspeak.PNG
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Size:	42.9 KB
ID:	57966


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                          Hi Noel,
                          I appreciate your help here. I have tried using the write API key from 4duino demo, and it is giving me the same story. Do you think the power might be the problem, cos I have been powering the 4duino through my laptop. I can't find that pin type 5 volt supply in my area.

                          Once more I wanna say thank you for helping out.



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                            Using your Desktop PC or Laptop with Internet Access, please paste this IP address:
                            to your Web Browser. You should access If you cannot access the Website,
                            please check the Firewall settings of your Wireless Router. Check if it is configured to block
                            some sites or a range of IP Addresses.

                            Best regards,


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                              Thank you very much. It eventually worked but noticed I can't check my reading in the serial monitor as well as stream the data to thingspeak maybe I'll have to use the display. All the same, I was able to send up to five data for five fields on my channel. I HOPE THE RESULTS WON'T BE AFFECTED IN ANYWAY?

                              Once again, I say thank you.