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Write to SD card through Serial Port

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  • Write to SD card through Serial Port

    We are looking to embed the uLCD-70DCT-CLB into an enclosure and because the sd card is in the middle of the board, we will need to put an opening in case we need to update the files on the SD card. The program is Serial based not Visi-Genie, and we really only have font files we would need to update or add, maybe a couple of pictures.

    It would be easier for us to be able to seal the device without a port and update the SD card through the serial port , is this possible?

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    you could use uSD extenders and fabricate then into your enclosure for a pop in pop out of the sd card without reaching behind lcd


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      Hi alexBussiere,

      This forum posts might help you:

      SD card slot extension

      Update display when deployed in field

      Refer to post #4, you can also use ScriptC and execute files like LOAD4DGLUSD.4DSCRIPT to overwrite the uSD partially or completely.

      How can I copy Media Files from a Project to SD Card without IDE

      For updating through a MCU, you might need to sign an NDA:

      Best Regards,


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        Thanks that is great info. Is there a way to copy to the SD card through the MCU? I don't really care if it takes a while (even if it takes like 5 hours). It won't be something done regularly, but in case of emergency code change
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          please see post 12 of this thread:



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            Hi alexBussiere,

            This post might be a similar case to yours as well:
            Particle Photon - Remote Updates - In field programming

            At post #2, there are available SD card write commands in the display in the internal functions manual if that is all you require.

            Writing to SD card

            If you need to know to the protocols to update your project, you can open a support ticket here requesting for an NDA.