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Sound not working.

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  • Sound not working.

    Hello again.

    I cannot make the display play sounds.
    I am using:
    genie.WriteObject(GENIE_OBJ_SOUND, BEEP_1, 0);
    where BEEP_1 is defined as zero.
    I have add the sound piece in the SD.

    This sound is very short, it is a button click, do you think perhaps this is the problem?
    What is the shortest sound the display can play?

    I have the ulcd-32dct-clb.


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    Hi kostbill,

    I tried replicating your problem here on my end.
    I placed your genie.WriteObject(GENIE_OBJ_SOUND, BEEP_1, 0); on my main loop with a 1sec delay. I defined BEEP_1 as 0.

    I used some pre-installed wav files from 4D Workshop 4.
    C:\Users\Public\Documents\4D Labs\Picaso Designer\COPY TO DISK

    Everything seemed to work fine here on my end.
    Can you use another wav file for this? Try using other files in the link I provided.


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      Thanks I will try this after work.

      I didn't know of this location.


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        None of this produced any sound.

        OK, I have a very very silly question to ask.

        The display itself has a speaker or do I need to connect one myself? I am not working with a shield, I have just connected a processor to the gen4-IB.


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          if it is a gen4 display then it won't have a speaker fitted. You would have to add a speaker via the gen4-PA and use a filter circuit. There is an interface board for adding MOTG modules that comes with a fitted speaker called the AC2 It is a very tidy way of adding a speaker and allows you to attach MOTG modules to your display.

          I hope this helps

          Best regards



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            Hello, thanks for the answer.

            I have the MOTG board with the two connectors, so I will try to connect the processor to this connector.
            Time to remember where I have my soldering iron.

            Thanks again!


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              Have you got all the flat cables to connect this to the display, and check that the AC board you have is an AC2 with a speaker in the top left hand corner.



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                Yes this is the AC2 MOTG slot board with the speaker in the top left hand.
                I also have two flat cables.

                I also have some female to male pin connectors like the ones the MOTG boards have (1.27 pitch).

                I will connect the RX/TX/Reset/Vcc/GND from my processor to one of my connectors, insert my connector to the MOTG slot and I will not use the gen4-IB board any more.


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                  I have a question:
                  In the connector I also want to connect the RESET line, from my processor to the display.
                  However, I don't see the Reset line to be connected to the MOTG connectors.
                  Why are they not there? How will an external processor Reset the display? Only by the FPC interface?


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                    The 2 MOTG slots/connectors are designed purely for additional modules like the Wifi MOTG and Bluetooth MOTG etc so they weren't really intended as a way of connecting to a host controller/processor. The idea behind this is so you can have a module in each slot and still be able to program the display using the 'User I/O + gen4 programmer' 30 pin flat cable socket. Your gen4-IB can connect into this connector using the flat cable and then the TX, RX & reset carry through directly to the display. The gen4-IB can then be used to connect to your microcontroller/processor. So you could use this setup rather than the MOTG headers.

                    I hope this helps



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                      I am confused. Please do correct me in any mistakes I am making:

                      - What you are describing right now is the connection of the host processor with the display through the gen4-IB, correct?

                      - This is my current setup and since this setup is not going through the AC2 MOTG slot board, then this is why I don't get to have any sound, correct?

                      - So, I am looking for a way to have the display talk to the speaker of the AC2 MOTG slot board.

                      - Is there a way to do that and still talk to an external host processor?


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                        Ohhhhhhhh I now see!!!

                        Do you mean to have the AC2 MOTG slot board connected to the gen4-IB and the display through both the flat cables??


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                          So I followed your advice and it sort of works.

                          It can play my first Beep sound, however it can not play the Chimes, Ding, Flush, Laser and Police sound files from the folder you suggested.

                          Any ideas why?

                          Thanks pauleilio, you helped a lot so far!!


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                            This is how I would connect the AC2 board using the gen4-IB

                            The speaker then becomes added in to the display and you can use the gen4-IB as you did before.

                            Best regards

                            Attached Files


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                              Thats unusual, are the files in the root of the SD card or are they in a folder. If they are in a folder can you move them to the root of the SD card. Can you show me the command you are using to play a wav file.