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  • Over The Air Update (OTA)

    Seeing as the gen4-IOD comes with 512K Flash...I assume it is not capable of OTA upgrades since a basic gfxd program is over the 50% usage mark? Also, as an alternative, is there a way to save a program on the SD card and run it from another program? For example, you could flash a top level program that calls programs on the SD card that are downloaded from the web. I think the regular gen4 modules have the capability of running a sub program using 4D script code? I would hate to have to ask a customer to install Arduino IDE to flash an update to a module.

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    Hello Geocentric,

    The program codes for the gen4-IOD are all written to INO file, which would then be used or compiling a .bin file through the Arduino compiler, thus it will not act like the regular gen4 displays running 4XE child programs.

    To proceed with OTA updates you would need 2 times the memory which the display currently does not have. One suggestion is to use a separate esp8266 to flash the display's esp8266 chip through; otherwise you could use a standalone esp8266 binary flasher program instead of Arduino IDE like NODEMCU py Flasher: to flash the generated .bin file.

    You can check this site for more info on Over-the-Air updating process with the esp8266 chip:

    Best regards,