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CP210x Baud rate Configurator (AN205SW). Where to find it?

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  • CP210x Baud rate Configurator (AN205SW). Where to find it?


    I have this message when starting the Genie Test eXecutor.

    "CP210x Baud rate Configurator (AN205SW) needs to have been run to set range 156869-237832 to 200000 for communication to work"

    The message says that the issue could be solved with the CP210x Baud rate Configurator (AN205SW). My question is where can I find this?

    Many thanks.

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    Hi Mohamed,

    I found a link for AN205SW

    You have to click on Application note software.

    Hope that helps

    Best regards



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      I did re-install my PC from scratch and apparently the issue doesn't exist anymore.
      I.e. GTX can communicate properly with the 4Duino.
      Thanks for your support.


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        More to say on the subject.
        After installation I did some tests.
        The baud rate is set per default to 9'600 for project, genie interface and serial port (under options).
        All works fine at this baud rate.
        Then I changed the baud rate to 200'000. GTX doesn't work and this seems to be normal with this baud rate...
        However, when I set the baud rate back to 9'600, GTX doesn't work any more. The message doesn't come but the display doesn't react to, e.g. activate next form.
        I have difficulties to believe that this is a driver issue.
        I would investigate some where else.
        BRs / Mohamed


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          mohammad, you speak of "genie" and "4duino" are you perhaps using the uLCD-24PTU option of genie? If so, please set in preferences, under genie, the COMM 1 button, save, then upload it again. It should be fine now as 4duino uses COM1 for genie, while standalone LCDs use COM0 as default.



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            Hi Tony
            To be more precise, I am using the 4Duino with the ViSi Genie. And I am using the com port 1, as you told me previously and of course with the baud rates set to 200'000 in the options under
            genie and serial and in the project itself.

            But if I want to start a ViSi Genie project it seems that I have to start a uLCD-24PTU device, isn't it like this?

            In selecting 4Duino board I can get just the basic Graphics and the Extended Graphics environment for now. This is at least my finding...

            Please, help me understanding things.

            But the issue for me in here is the usage of the GTX, I find this interface so cool for testing and I like it very much.

            Thanks for your help



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              yes if you use coms 1 and want to use genie, you must choose uLCD-24PTU always, pretend it's the standalone version, it's no different than the standalone other than the hardwired COM1 interface, and the 4duino, is actually a arduino leonardo, you select 4Duino in arduino IDE and choose the proper port.
              Keep it this way
              to use bits and pieces from the ESP8266 code you can still use it, just copy the bits and pieces off a 4duino sketch and put them in the arduino IDE code, use arduino IDE to program the 4duino.

              To use GTX, you must jump 2 wires from the programmer chip/cable to pins 0 and 1 of the arduino (RX/TX), remember, the picasso header for programming is COM0, BUT, the GTX testing and genie code uses COM1, which is HARDWIRED ONLY to pins 0 and 1, thats why GTX doesnt work because nothing is comming out of COM0...

              in other words, VCC, GND, RESET from programmer goes to header, and RX/TX goto pins 0 and 1
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