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  • uLcd70dt Remote Programming

    Hello everybody,
    I'm using one of your ulcd70dt lcd modules inside one of our products, Raspberry pi Model B+ is the host that controls the display. Thanks to the raspberry pi I have the ability to roll our OTA firmware upgrades to this product, with out having my customers to take every thing about and etc... . The display firmware /images are all inside the display's uSD card. My question is, how can I upgrade the firmware of this display without having my customers to take the product apart and take the sd card out? I simply want to be able to do this through the raspberry pi and the UART interface. I know the reason 4D does not transfer everything over uart while uploading firmware is the size of image files in the display, but sometimes taking so long is a better option than not doing it at all. Also I'm open to other suggestions such as simulating the sd-card through raspberry pi's SPI interface. Is this possible?


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    Hi mbmahan39,

    These forum post might be useful to your application:

    Updating a display in the field without removing from enclosure

    Particle Photon - Remote Updates - In field programming

    Update the LCD Screen on Linux

    Also if you want to open a 4D Systems support ticket, here is the link:

    Hope this helps,