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    Dear all,

    I am using the Diablo 70DCT-CLB touch monitor, i have succesfully use the genieArduino library to send data to the screen and get events on buttons from it. Now, as i receive greek strings of data through udp connection from an MQTT broker, i cant display them succesfully on the screen.
    I had use for a textbox charset Unicode, and i try to use the genie.WriteStrU functions but i just cant figure it out.
    I am using the designer for the configuration and design of the screen.
    I read application notes within the documantation but i couldnt follow them, so is anyone availble to help me sort this out i would really appreciate it.
    Thank you in advance

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    Hi amant,

    These forum posts might help you out:

    Strings - unicode or extended ASCII?

    How to use fonts

    genieWriteStr and special characters

    Print/Write Special characters - In Visi

    Application Note:

    ViSi-Genie Labels, Texts, and Strings

    You might also want to try displaying Greek characters without using MQTT at first for testing.



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      Dear Joseph,

      i hook the display and use the gtx to send directly greek characters to the relative string boxes with success. So, i think that i need to do as the gtx did programmatically, so i probably need some instructions on send command under the arduino.
      I use the
      genieArduino librarry and try to use the writeStrU function without success. I would need your help on this implementation. how i shoould replicate what gtx do?

      Thank you in advance


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        Hi amant,

        You can try the attached sample project in printing Strings using Unicode.

        sample project from genieWriteStr and special characters:

        Then in the Arduino code (also attached), you could use WriteStrU like:

        uint16_t hexArray3[] = { 0x00D8, 0x00DD, 0x00D5 }; // ØÝÕ
        genie.WriteStrU(0, hexArray4); // prints ØÝÕ on the string widget.

        You could also use the application here to translate some unicode characters to their equivalent HEX:

        How to use fonts - post #17

        You can also use the GTX you tried to check the HEX bytes that is needed to be sent. (see attached picture)

        Hope this helps,
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