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Slow displaying string from host

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  • Slow displaying string from host


    Wonder if you can point me in the right direction please.
    I'm using a Diablo display and a ARM F7 dev board to display some static text created within 4D workshop and sending a string from the host.

    I need to send a string from the host to allow for changes
    I find that displaying them to be slow the coms i'm using is 115200 but for some reason my host above this speed and i loose coms

    i'm trying to create a menu system with text (string) and a button behind the text but this is not acceptable to the eye (attached video)
    Can this text be displayed before i call for the form so it's then instantly displayed ?

    Is there a better fast way to display dynamic text from the host but virtually instantly ?

    Thank you.
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    Hi markavo, welcome to the forum.

    Can I ask what environment you are using? Is it ViSi-Genie or ViSi?
    Also, about the string controlled by the host, is it constantly updated at a given time or only at an instance when the form is being activated?

    If it is done instantaneously, you can create a buffer in the host and collect first all data needed before updating the dynamic string in the display.

    Best regards,


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      Hi Thank you.

      I'm using Visi-Genie, no constant update it's only sent once just after the form is activated.
      Can you give me a example please of first loading the chars into the buffer then call from the buffer to display all the data.



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        Hi markavo,

        You will only be updating 1 dynamic string.

        Below is the Pseudo code for the implementation.

        If Program button pressed,
        Report event to host
        If host receive Program button report event
        Append data STRs to buffer STR Go to Program Form Write buffer STR to dynamic String
        If you're familiar with Arduino, attached is the files needed for the implementation.

        Hope this will help.
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