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    I looking for a graphic processor in order to control a TFT. I have experience in using Goldelox in my PCBs. However, in webs like RS, Goldelox costs almost the double than Picaso. PICASO is much more complete than GOLDELOX. In conclusiĆ³n, Picaso is better and cheaper than Goldelox, so, shall I migrate to Picaso?

    In which cases is beter to use Goldelox? I used it for 80-8bits displays, but as you know many TFT lets 80-16bits and 80-8bits.

    Another doubt. I am waiting to my gen4-IoD-24T, so I have to test it yet. It has the ESP8266 chip. Do it support EVE? Can I display GIFs as easy as I do with uOLED-128-G2 ?

    In afirmative case,if I can do the same ESP8266, Goldelox or Picaso do not deserve to spend money on it because ESP8266 is extremely cheap.

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    I can't really say which processor suits your requirements best, it would depend on your intended application. If cost is a consideration then the Picaso might be the better option. You could contact our sales dept directly

    The gen4-IoD-24 does not support EVE. You can create images and animated widgets just as easily as you can with the uOLED-128-G2. Eventhough the refresh rate is good on the gen4-IoD-24 considering it's shared SPI design, the Goldelox, Picaso or Diablo processor displays will perform better.

    I hope this helps

    Best regards



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      If you have used Goldelox in the past then you should continue to do so. Goldelox is designed for displays up to 256x256, so unless the size of your display has changed there is no reason to change the processor.

      As Pauls says, perhaps you should contact sales for direct pricing.

      I note that one supplier has Goldelox has at a higher price than Picaso, whereas others have them the expected way around. It would be useful to contact them and see if they have made a mistake.

      As Paul also says, the Goldelox, Picaso and Diablo processors will perform better than the ESP8266


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        Thank you for the advices. For prototipes, we always purchase in suppliers with very fast delivery. We are conscious that the prices are higher but sometimes we prefer this way when we buy 2 or 3 components. I will contact will sales.