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gen4 PA - GPIO to relays

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  • gen4 PA - GPIO to relays

    35DCT using gen4 PA

    Form 0 - LogoScreen // activate menu
    Form 1 - 8- 4DButtons// attach Pin Output (pulse 5000) - no Report Message attached to Pin Output or 4D Button
    Form 2 - same as Form 1

    I have successfully powered on my display and loaded program to flash and saved Program files on SD card then mounted.

    I used the gen4 PA- GPIO to connect to 8 channel relay. I pushed buttons and nothing happened. I read in the app notes this morning to attach Report Message to controller. Do i have to do the same if its just going straight to the relay from the PA -GPIO

    I connected power and ground from relay separate. I tried connecting power and ground from gen4 PA for relays but my screen froze and needed restart.

    Buttons set to Momentary.
    relays are Arduino compatible. - TTL voltage

    Thank you
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    if you used 2 different power sources, make sure your grounds are tied, else the signals wont work


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      35DCT using gen4PA

      Form 0 - LogoScreen // activate menu
      Form 1 - 8- 4DButtons// attach Pin Output (pulse 2500)
      Form 2 - same as Form 1

      Success: its working...woohoo

      Changes made are : attached Report Message to Pin Outputs
      Common Ground needed for PA - GPIO and relays
      assigned Pin Outputs to GPIO (PA0, PA1, ect. ect.)
      Exceeded power source on PC using NeoPixels and relay. Changed power source of relays to PA -GPIO for testing purpose.

      NeoPixels running from Arduino Mega 2560
      Relays running from gen4 PA - GPIO's

      Next isssue: Figure out how to get 2 relays with same button and separate On times.
      Figure how to do an Analog sensor.
      Start build for project.


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        one button to toggle 2 relays that shut off by themself at different times is possible with millis() example, "blink without delay" example in arduino


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          A lot of common issues can be found here ...


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            "Multiple pin output objects can use the same pin. It is the user’s responsibility to manage such usage in a reasonable way."

            In order for this to work, I would need an input to initiate the output, correct? I can not just set a pin output to pin and expect it to work.

            So, how do I attach another output to button if its only letting me set 1 output to that button?


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              You can do it in code like pin_HI(pin) or pin_LO(pin) or in Genie where you can do an event which triggers the other pinout.
              - PinOutput0 Events : OnChanged -> PinOutput1Set
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                35DCT-CLB to 8 channel relay.

                Just completed getting buttons assigned to correct relays Had issues with Button to PA assignment. I then looked at the PA GPIO map and saw my connections to relay were wrong according to GPIO layout. adjusted accordingly. Working good, looking good.

                I still have issue with getting 1 button and 2 relay to work at same time. Mayb possible with Magic Code. I do not know. If I could use Magic Code, i do not think will be possible with my inexperience with code. I can not see the code to understand what i need to add.

                Oh, i do have an issue at Start up. I power on my display, and one my my relays turn on Automatic and will not turn off until i touch a separate button. After that, all buttons and relays work perfectly.


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                  You can do it without code.
                  At the pinout event of one PinOutput you can assign at "OnChange" the other pinoutput.