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PICASO MD1 using base board

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  • PICASO MD1 using base board


    I try to use a the picaso md1 module with base board adaptor. I can't use 4DGL workshop because the device is not in the platform list. I tried to use serial commander but without success. Can anybody who have used this already can give me few explanations cause I'm stop in my project. Thank you

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    Please download the "Docklight" software from the following link, it sends serial commands through the serial port. I have attached a snap shot of the Docklight as well.

    Make sure you have connected the uDrive to the PC serially using a real serial port (with appropriate serial to TTL level conversion circuitry) or a USB to serial converter with appropriate driver.

    Make sure you have the serial PmmC file in to the module.

    Make sure you have connected the VGA screen with the uVGA board.

    Find attached the help file 'uVGA Picaso MD1.txt' for testing. Change the extension from 'txt' to 'ptp' to open in the docklight. There are command sequences in the file. You can open/edit it in notepad as well. Open the file in Docklight, select your com port, choose the BAUD rate and press play. Send the Autobaud command first, if you receive an ACK (06Hex) then you are ready to talk to the device. There are few more sample instructions in the file.

    Attached files uVGA_Picaso_MD1.txt (966 B)