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  • meldavia

    Hi, we'll check the I2C operation and let you know. Some example code will surely come of this which will be duly posted.

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  • Animalector
    started a topic I2C Prob, Documentation, Forum Search

    I2C Prob, Documentation, Forum Search

    Hi there,

    I am trying to get the i2c functions working in 4dgl with a picaso uLCD32032P1T and my slave device is not correctly responding to the Commands.  

    I have two problems.  The first is that the 4dgl program hangs on a I2C_Read(), seems to be dependant on the ACK status here, however when checking the Ack status, the program will continue through but receive all 1's on the output byte. (second problem)

    The slave is a I2C compliant hardware (interrupt) driven TWI interface on an Atmel Controller, with communications working between Atmel Master / Slave MCU's with no problems.

    The 4dgl documentation for the I2c is very vague, and when searching the forums, "I2C" is apparently too short for a search string, and therefore even when included in "I2C_Read()" will return no responses.

    Some examples of Hardware I2C would be appreciated, otherwise I will have to waste codespace and bitbang the device manually. (as per the compass example somewhere in here).

    Thanks in advance,