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  • uOLED96 splash screen

    Hi ! This is my first post here. I partially found the answer to my question browsing google, but I prefered to get a confirmation coming directly on the source forum.
    I'm using an uOLED96 (no flash) for some props electronics and I'm trying to get rid of the splash screen (cause it makes the props not so realistic when it's started /booted).
    For now, I'm sending the autobaudrate command + clear screen as close as possible to when the splash screen appears, but it's of course still there.
    Sending the autobaudrate too early, the module does not take it, as stated in the documentation.
    My second problem is that the boot of my electronic board has a bootloader that wait about 500 ms to 1s for new code upload, and this timing it just what we are suppose to wait before sending commands to the display...

    is there a way to hack that ? a smart timing solution to make it virtually disapear ? or a firmware uploader software that would allow to put a new revision of the code for the display, without the splash screen... ?

    thanks for any info,
    best regards,

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    My best advice is to put a transistor on the GND connection of the display keeping it powered off. Switch the transistor on in your code once it has completed it's boot process. Then wait the requisit time for the display to settle and issue the autobaud command (sequence described in the documentation). For me, this has been pretty much a fool-proof way of avoiding the splash screen with the older modules.

    I know this is no help with your current project, but the new modules (GMD1, PMD2) wait nearly 5 seconds before displaying the splash screen and will not display it at all if the autobaud command is sent during that time. This change was made based on user requests just like yours.

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      Thanks for the prompt reply, I'm pretty sure, as you said, that I'm not the first to ask, my appologies if it's been a redundant question.
      The solution you mention is really clever, I have a bunch of N channel MOS that I'm using in this design.
      I'm first going to see if I can hack the bootloader code so that the autobaudrate command is sent at the right moment. If it's not possible, I'll move to a hardware solution.
      Again, 1,000 of thanks


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        Just to add my 2 cents, if you are not sure "when" to send the auto-baud command, you can poll every 10ms or so the module using a little timer.

        What I did was setting an interruption on reception of the ACK character and keeping a timer sending the U character while the screen has not been initialised. This way I never saw the splash screen again



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          thanks for your message Julien (btw, are you located in France ? just personnal curiosity).
          Modded the bootloader to make it wait when I press a button until I can move my other hand to the mouse and click on the upload code button. This way, if the button is not pressed during the boot, I directly jump to the main code, and send the autobaud rate command every 10 ms and check the status... and I skip the splash screen
          So Great !


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            Good stuff.

            I'm French but I live down there, in OZ Land (Australia)