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uUSB-MB5 stopped working

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  • uUSB-MB5 stopped working

    So I have some uOLED screens and have been downloading programs to them for a while using the uUSB-MB5, but today it stopped working. I was downloading a program to one of the screens when the whole program froze and I had to do a restart of my computer. When it came back the microUSB was not recognized under the devices and when it is plugged in its LED is much less bright than it used to be. It still can power the screens, but it is not recognized as a serial port anymore. I fear it's busted for good. Has anyone had a problem like this? Any hope? Any ideas how to avoid this in the future?



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    It's more likely a problem with the USB drivers than with the uUSB-MB5 (they're pretty robust). Try unplugging the MB5 from your computer, reinstalling the USB drivers and then plugging the MB5 back into your computer. If it goes through the "New Device" dialogs and recognizes the MB5 (and assigns it a port #), then everything should be OK.

    If you still have problems, try installing the USB drivers on a different computer and then plug the MB5 into that computer and see if it is recognized.

    If it works on the second computer, then you may have to uninstall the USB drivers on the first computer before re-installing the USB drivers on that machine.

    Fingers crossed that you get things working again,

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      Thanks Steve, but I think it is indeed a hardware issue. I'm still not exactly sure how I broke it, but it's definitely broken. I purchased a new one and it works perfectly with the same computer and same cable. The red LED on the broken uUSB is very very dim compared with the new component.