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"Remanence" of an uOLED display

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  • "Remanence" of an uOLED display

    Hope I'm not driving anybody nut asking questions...."remanence" with quotes, since it's of course nothing about magnetic fields in an OLED display, however, I've noticed a similar effect after staying a certain time on a menu. Sounds like since the colors are not the same everywhere, the organic LEDs are not getting used at the same speed, and I get some different intensities. I've noticed that as soon as I got the screen, I started playing around with different background colors, and whatever the color was, I had the splash screen as a kind of ghost picture in the background.
    Any idea to get rid of this ? I'm following the guidelines of the manual, ie not using a white background, but my display is a bit static, just a few info are changing from times to times. It is going to hurt the display. Shall I turn the contrast down with some kind of low power mode when the system is idle ?
    I might need at some moments plain background colors (not black) for a short duration, and it would be a pain to have the main menu in ghost picture in the back.
    Hope I'm clear enough.

    any experience to share ?

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    Hello Irvin,

    The problem you are describing is inherent to OLED displays. The screen tends to "burn" when certains pixels are on for too long.

    The only way I would think to really "correct" this, would be to "burn" the pixels at the same rate... pretty much like if you had a tan but not uniform, you could then expose the rest of the skin to achieve the same "color". This is not a solution by itself and it is not really convenient.

    To avoid such effects, avoid as much as possible static displays for long period of time, especially bright ones.
    It's really recommended to have a screen saver feature and after a while idling, some dimming and/or powering down of the screen function.



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      thanks, this is exactly what I tought, anyway, I'll stay away from bright backgrounds and I'm goind to program a screen saver asap (I'm thinking about a "matrix" like screen saver)


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        A very good idea Irvin and well recommended.