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problem with Serial Connection

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  • problem with Serial Connection

    As i`m using a standard TestSerial programm that came with the workshop software when i connect my uOLED-32024-P1T to the ?USB-MB5 and through a USB cable to the PC and start hyperterminal the programm runs great i can receive hyperterminal commands and read the info in hyperterminal that the buttons in the uOLED-32024-P1T sends.

    Now here`s my problem:

    when i try to attach a serial cable to the uOLED-32024-P1T pinnings +5v RX TX and GND the uOLED-32024-P1T does receive hyperterminal commands, but the hyperterminal doesn`t show the data send from the uOLED-32024-P1T buttons. So my problem is sending from the uOLED-32024-P1T to hyperterminal without using the ?USB-MB5. What could be the problem?

    And second question: What pinning should i use on the ?USB-MB5 board if i want to attach a serial cable to the ?USB-MB5?? The ?USB-MB5 does have a USB cable connector and on both sides 5 pins extra. Are those pinnings used for Serial cables??

    tnx for the effort to help me out!


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    Please use the RS232 to TTL converter when you wish to connect the module to the RS232 port. The modules works at TTL levels, you should not connect the RS232 port to the module directly. See the reference schematic design to convert RS232 to TTL.

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