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Speed of SOMO-14D

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  • Speed of SOMO-14D

    I am interested is using the SOMO 14D and have read through the web pages and the datasheets but I cannot see anything about how fast the SOMO is at switching between files.
    I was wondering has any one tried this out using serial port control
    For example would several files play consecutively without interuption or long gaps of silence in between or even clicks in between.

    For instance does the play command put the chip in play mode then all it needs is the address commands sent one after another. Are play commands nedded after each address.

    If address commands are sent continuously does it buffer them and play one file after another.

    Would be grateful for any help


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    You need to send the file address and it will start playing. Then if you stop it or pause it, you need to send the play command to continue/start playing the same file.

    When you send a particular address, it starts playing straight away without needing the play command.

    You would hardly notice the silence between two consecutive files. The changeover is in few msec. But the file would stop playing as it reaches its end, it wouldn't continue playing the next file.



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      thanks for the reply
      I have one ordered so I will try it out
      The datasheets show timing diagrams for the start/stop bits and the data bits going in but no diagram showing the sound wavefore output where it starts and stops.
      I was wondering in your reply is a few milli seconds, say likely to be about 20ms or 200 ms. I assume there must be some header info in the files that dont result in sound. Is the .ad4 a faster or more compresses file the wav or mp3 and so starts more quickly.



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