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  • Arduino Library

    I have created a library that allows Arduino users to easily use the uVGA Picaso to create 256 colour graphics at up to 640 x 480.

    You can download the library here.

    The library is currently in early development so please let me know what you think (suggestions, improvements, etc...). It was developed using version 0017 of the Arduino software.


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    Hi! Your library it is very very very cool! I love to work with it.
    I have one question about…

    I am trying to get the varTemp of my thermistor and display it on vga picaso. But i can´t find the way to convert a int to string… Do you have any demo?

    One more thing… I’m trying to show the unformated string “‘h”u”m”i”d”i”t”y”-”f”l”o”w”e”r”s”1?” at a moment… but in another moment i need to show “‘h”u”m”i”d”i”t”y”-”f”l”o”w”e”r”s”2?”… I need to clear my screen to write only the character ’2? each time? Or have another way to so this? Because if i need to clean up my screen every time, my sketche takes more memory and its a problem for me.

    Thanks a lot, if you could help me.

    Sorry about my english, it’s very poor. I am brazillian!