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Range check error in DISP

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  • Range check error in DISP

    Hi everyone, has anyone had this error or know how to fix it?

    I am working with a uLCD-32032-P1T with the uLCD-32032-P1TSGC-R11.pmmc file loaded through the PmmC Loader utility. The FATcontroller communcation works fine.

    When I try to Load from Display using the DISP utility, the progress bar goes up to 100% but then I get this range check error:

    I'd really like to make some modifications, like change to landscape and add some fonts, but I'd rather not have to start from scratch. The Load From File option also doesn't work using the .h files from the website. It says Data in file not expected size(06144)


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    The range check error should be gone in DISP which you can download from the website.

    It is much better to start with the .h file as it contains more information (such as 'defines', that are not there if you load from the display using DISP)

    The reason you cannot load the .h file into DISP is that the .h files on our web site (or at least the one you have) is missing its CRs (carriage Returns).

    We are currently investigating how this has occurred, but in the meantime open the .h file in Word (or equivalent) and resave it as plain text, then rename it back to .h. You should then be able to open the file in DISP.

    FYI We are up to R13 with the PmmCs, not that that is causing your current issues.


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      Thanks for the speedy reply. Sorry about not being up to the latest DISP, I thought I had the latest one, version .12 works. Thanks for the tip on the .h files too, now both methods are working for me


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        Just confirming, all .h files have now been fixed.


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          I am trying to load 'uLCDPT-I-00.h' file into the DISP tool using 'load from file' and get the error message 'errors parsing input file, please fix and try again'
          The message in the errors tab says 'Data in file not expected size (06144)

          I opened the uLCDPT-I-00.h file using Notepad++ and it looks okay.

          Is the .h file corrupted or does the DISP tool has issues?

          What is the solution to this problem?


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            (I'm assuming, since the filename you specified is not a 4D standard one, so my knowledge, that you created / edited this file yourself)

            Without seeing the file I can't exactly say for sure, but the fact that you get " (06144)" makes me think you have edited the file outside of DISP with something that has 'converted' the CRLF pairs into LFs only. DISP expects and needs CRLFs.

            If you can't fix it yourself zip it up and attach it here and I'll see what I can do.


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              I got this file from 4-D systems from Muhammad Bilal in an e-mail
              link. Here is the link:


              Here is the link to the pmmc file that downloaded to the picaso just



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                So you meant to say uLCD-24PT-I-V00.h as the filename?


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                  Here is the exact filename:



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                    Try again, should be ok now


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                      Problem resolved, thank you.