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paint area v.s. draw solid rectangle

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  • paint area v.s. draw solid rectangle

    Hi !
    I have a new question. I'm not sure to get the difference between a solid rectangle and the paint commands. The example given on page 17 of the uOLED96 does not seem to match with the illustration pic just below. I'm wondering if the the "paint" command is the same as a "fill area" in photoshop, that's to say can it detect the outline of a shaped I've drawn with lines and stop filling there ?
    In a nutshell, what I'd like to do is an "emulation" of a 7 segment display on the uOLED. I have the following possibilities :
    * I make a very simple thing with just rectangles and a vertical digit
    * I make a 7 segment display just like the original with the acute bar and the slightly right rotated style (digit is not fully vertical, just like on the pic below).

    Of course, not to say that I can't afford the CPU time to make this shape only with lines and single pixels. But segment outlines + filling would be great ! (I'm dreaming of a "draw polygon + fill" command !!! )

    Thanks for any idea / help

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    I'd go for a draw rectangle and add some pixels to make the 'longed' effect or store one digit as a picture and recall it whenever you want.



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      thanks ! for now, I've stayed on a simple rectangle and some offset between the segments, it makes a nice simulation of the display. The fact that there is also a selectable color for the segment being off also helps.
      However, I'll be happy to know the difference between paint and draw rectangle, finally ???
      this command has been removed in bigger or more recent uOLED displays sur as the OLED160...