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Will 4D release programming info for the .AD4 file conversion?

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  • Will 4D release programming info for the .AD4 file conversion?

    I have downloaded the free utility for converting files to .AD4 format, and found it to be lacking in certain features. While exploring, I noticed that the software installs a dll called "codec.dll". This is clearly the DLL that does the actual audio conversion.

    Can 4D release some documentation on using this DLL in custom programs? I am a programmer with plenty of experience and have used 3rd party DLLs in my programs in the past. However, without some sort of documentation on the functions and procedures contained within the DLL (and the parameters passed, return values, etc), it's a needlessly difficult undertaking. Just releasing the C header file that corresponds to the DLL would be a huge help. The other bit of information needed would be the .AD4 file format, unless the codec handles creating the output file as well.

    Releasing this information on using the DLL and the .AD4 file format won't compromise the value of the SOMO module. The information is of absolutely no use without buying the module, so it won't cut into sales at all. In fact, it could potentially increase sales if the developer community could develop a better piece of software.


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    Apologies for the delayed response. Rather than document the Dll, how about we provide a command line program that can be called from any program called “AD4CONVERTER”? Please find attached the exe file..

    - Double click AD4CONVERTER.exe to see the command set help.
    - Say you have a wav file at C:\WavFiles\Track1.wav
    - Open a Command window
    - Get to the root location where you copied AD4CONVERTER.exe
    - Write the command which can be in following format,
    AD4CONVERTER –E4 C:\WavFiles\Track1.wav
    - A file Track1.AD4 will be created where you have the original Track1.wav file.
    Note: This utility does not work for mp3 files.


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      Excellent! I have written a number of GUI programs that call command line programs that do the actual heavy lifting. This is actually far easier for me as I already have source code infrastructure I have written to take lists of files and feed them to a command line program running in a separate thread.

      Many thanks for the time and effort you have put into this.



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        I would be interested in a linux version of this, any prospect of you releasing one? Or perhaps the source code?

        Mike E


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          Have you tried any of the commonly available Linux AD4 converter programs? I'd hope you could find one that works.


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            Well, it's not clear, what the AD4 stands for. Is it 16 bit mono 32kHz encoded using ADPCM?
            What about the header? Files start with ".AD4 }" but someone was heard to be successful with using RAW file, not mentioning the header change.


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              Hello suculent,

              Quoted on this link:
              "AD4 is a customized audio format which gives a good audio quality. The audio format is dedicated to the sound processor used in the 4D audio modules".

              When using the Converter.exe, it will generate a AD4 audio format dedicated to the 4D audio modules

              Also it is stated on this link:
              "The module supports 4-bit ADPCM audio files with sample rates from 6Khz up to 32KHz."

              What about the header? Files start with ".AD4 }" but someone was heard to be successful with using RAW file,not mentioning the header change.
              I am looking for a thread related to this, but unfortunately I cannot find one. Could you refer a link regarding this one.

              Also please take note that SOMO-14D has been superseded by SOMO-II. If you're using SOMO-14D, I would suggest that you use SOMO-II for new designs instead.
              Kindly refer to this link:

              Best Regards,