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powering a Oled128-GMD1 with uUSB-CE5

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  • powering a Oled128-GMD1 with uUSB-CE5

    When I power my Oled128GMD1 alone with 5V, there is a splashscreen showing that it works
    When I plug the uUSB-CE5, a COM5 port appears with window and under linux on python, it seems that the serial port works (it doesn't fail to open : serial.isOpen() returns True)
    But in any case, when the Oled is plugged to the uSB-CE5 there is no screen, it is not detected with the 4D Serial Commander, the screen is desperatly black : it seems not working, not powered up, no splashscreen neither.
    I measured 5V at the + pin. I then wonder if there is sufficient power to the oLed from the uUSB-CE5.
    Can some one help me to run the oLed using the uUSB-CE5 ?
    Thank you

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    I soldered the connector on the opposite side than the FDTI : the connectors from reset/gnd seems to be reversed in that case.
    From my point of view there is a root error of this board.


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      If you look at the datasheet for the uUSB-CE5:

      you will notice that it shows the "bottom" of the board having a different pin out than the top and is termed "Alternative Connections". The connections on the top of the board (component side) are the standard 4D Systems 5 pin interface. The bottom of the board provides the same pin out as the Parallax Prop Plug (programming interface for the Parallax Propeller boards plus 5V that is unavailable on the Prop Plug). The uUSB-CE5 was designed to accept two 5 pin female headers if the user so desired, so that the CE5 could be used for both purposes (I've found that this doesn't work for the uOLED-128-G1(h) and the uOLED-160-G1 because of their two row headers).

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