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Where can I find the PmmC files for my older board?

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  • Where can I find the PmmC files for my older board?

    I bought a uOLED-160-G1 board last year, and would like to upload it to the latest PmmC code.
    The problem is that that board is discontinued, and there are no downloads listed for it.

    The only revision info I can find on the board says "Rev 1a (c) 2008".

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    You have 2 options:

    1) Turn the module into uOLED-160-G1(SGC) : this converts the onboard GOLDELOX chip into the GOLDELOX-SGC where it becomes a slave serial graphics controller and you will need a host controller to send serial commands to the module.

    2) Turn the module into uOLED-160-G1(GFX) : this converts the onboard GOLDELOX chip into the GOLDELOX-GFX2 graphics controller and you develop all your applications under the 4DGL language (it does not require an external host controller).

    In both cases the conversion is easily done by programming the appropriate PmmC file into the GOLDELOX chip via its serial port. Development/Test tools and all other information you need are under the "Downloads" tab in their respective product pages.

    Hope this helps!!!!!!!


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      While it was helpful, it didn't actually answer the question.
      I couldn't FIND the PmmC files for the uOLED-160-G1 since they are no longer linked to on the product page for that product.
      By doing a lot of digging around, I did finally discover the downloads folder:
      To which there are NO links anywhere on your website.
      That contained the PmmC files.

      So I downloaded the uOLED-160-G1-4DGL-rev2.PmmC file and the loader correctly found the display and successfully downloaded the code to it.
      (Interestingly enough, the PmmCLoader could only find the display immediately after powering it up. If ANYTHING had tried accessing the display first, the loader couldn't find it.)

      So, now I'm off to the 4DGL Workbench forum to try and get that working.


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        The uOLED-160-G1(GFX) is the latest for the 4DGL Platform for your uOLED-160-G1 module. There's no difference in hardware, it is the same module. Please refer to the latest.


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          Thanks, that did help.
          At least with that version of the PmmC loaded, the Workshop can find the board - IF I reset it at about the same time as I click on the Download button.


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            Also make sure you're using the latest Workshop IDE, 4DGL-Workshop2-IDE


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              If you are not using a uUSB-CE5: or uUSB-MB5:
              USB adaptor, you will indeed need to reset the module just prior to downloading so you can 'catch' the reset phase where the module listens for the host.
              Please refer to to understand how to configure the reset line.