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I'm going mad with 4DGL :-(

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  • I'm going mad with 4DGL :-(

    After some small successes in my project I can not Compile the attached source. Why?
    I get the error message
    unknown command in line 956, column 7 (pass2) Attached files SkyDriveMain_New.4dg (36.8 KB)

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    Hi Thomas
    The error message is confusing, the compiler is reporting an erroneous error, It should be reporting "endfunc without function". The the problem is that you have an extra endfunc in line 959. The compiler error is noted will be fixed asap.


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      Damn, I was blind.

      It was a long day of work, and when I clicked on the error message the cursor jumped to the erroneous line. But this line will be displayed at the bottom of the screen if you are above the line with your cursor and so I cloudn't see that real cause was behind the line that the compiler reported.  

      I hope the compiler messages will be more clearly in the next version and the editor will display the erroneous line in the center of the screen so that I can see the code before and after the error. 


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        ThomasWhen you use like assembler compilers the compiler stop as soon it can and doesn't continue more. It's the problem of simple langage unlike basic.
        For example, if you forget ;
        sign at the end of line, it will look at the next one and try to understand how to do with two lines. So, if you made an error you may have two kind of problem:
        - compiler show error is on the good line
        - it show the line where it can't traduce any more (error is before in fact)

        Sorry for my bad english