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SANDBOX-0008 GPS Viewer on uOLED-xxx-G1(GFX)

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  • SANDBOX-0008 GPS Viewer on uOLED-xxx-G1(GFX)

    ID: SANDBOX-0008
    STATUS: 80% complete
    AUTHOR: Anna Ceguerra
    DATE: 22 March 2010
    Copyright © 2010 Anna Ceguerra

    This 4DGL application displays GPS information by parsing the NMEA sentences that are output by the GPS module. It is not 100% complete, as not all sentences are parsed, and not all of the information is displayed. However it is a basic working version, and you are free to build upon it.

    Hardware requirements.
    * GPS-PA6B-DIP
    * 4D uOLED-xxx-G1(GFX), e.g.
    * 4D DEVBOARD-G1
    * 4D CE5
    or 4D MB5

    Attached to this post are the instructions, PEBBLE schematic & code.

    Until next time!
    Anna. Attached files (234.3 KB)

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    trying this on a uLCD-144 and only get matched GPRMC and resetting buffer (sending $GPRMC,081836,A,3751.65,S,14507.36,E,000.0,360.0,130998,011.3,E*62
    via terminal)
    HTML Code:
    func parse_GPRMC()
    if ( parse_comma(100) &&
    (parse_comma(101) || (parse_POS_UTC() && parse_comma(111))) &&
    (parse_comma(102) || (parse_POS_STAT() && parse_comma(112))) &&
    (parse_comma(103) || (parse_LAT_REF() && parse_comma(113))) &&
    Think they may be an error here as LAT is not checked - do you have a NMEA sentence that I can use to test - dont have a GPS Module yet


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      Dear kaddrison,
      Here is an example sentence that came from one of the GPS modules:
      You're right - you found a bug, thanks for that. Please add the following line to between the lines containing 102 & 103
      HTML Code:
              (parse_comma(200) || (parse_LAT() && parse_comma(201))) &&


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        Still don't get anything more should this work on a 144? also tried it on a 32 - just the same


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          Dear kaddrison,
          Thanks, you have led me to uncover a couple more minor bugs. I've attached the new 4dg file here.
          Hopefully you won't find any more, but just in case I've improved the error outputting to output the error number when parsing fails. This number is related to either the errcd passed to parse_comma(var errcd), or the parse_error in each specific parse_* function.
          Regards,Anna. Attached files SANDBOX-0008_GPS_Viewer_GFX2.4dg (24.4 KB)


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            hello Anna,

            Do you have any planes to port it to the picaso platform?



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              Dear nielsnl,
              I've tested an RMC sentence on a uLCD-32032-P1T (using Docklight and a test string) and it works fine. So you should be able to run it on the other Picaso displays too.