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  • USB to Serial converter

    This section of FAQ for "USB to Serial Converter" covers all the frequently asked questions related to,
    1. 4D Programming Cable
    2. uUSB-CE5
    3. uUSB-MB5
    4. Miscellaneous

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    Q01. Can I use any to interface 4D's display modules with the PC?

    Ans. No, You should use one of these .

    -It allows you to update the PmmC file in case an upgraded PmmC file is released.
    -It allows you to download the 4DGL program to the module.
    -It allows you to change the configuration from GFX to SGC (or vice versa) by loading appropriate (module specific) PmmC file.


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      Q02. Can I use Serial(RS232) port to interface 4D's display modules with the PC?

      Ans. No. All the 4D's modules, unless specified, communicate at TTL levels. Please do not attempt to use your custom Serial(RS232) to Serial(TTL) level converter, Please See Q04.


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        Q03. The uUSB-MB5 is not providing enough power to drive my PICASO processor based display module?

        Ans. PICASO is a more powerful processor than GOLDELOX and is suitable for bigger displays. This increases the power requirement of the PICASO modules than GOLDELOX modules. uUSB MB-5 (USB to serial converter) provides a 100ma by default which is not enough for the PICASO modules. To increase these power settings a simple tool can be found on our website which can increase the supply current limit to a maximum of 500ma. The tool can be downloaded from here,

        Details of how to use it can be found here, under the ’Power Settings' tab.


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          Q04. What precaution should i take before connecting a display module with the PC?

          Ans. PmmC or 4DGL programming should only be carried out using any one of the 4D Programming modules (4D Programming Cable, uUSB-MB5, uUSB-CE5). Any malfunction because of custom or third party s or Serial(RS232) to Serial(TTL) level converters will void the warranty.

          It also applies to all 4D products which require an interface from the PC to the module for testing using 4D Software Test Tools.

          It applies to all the purchases on or after 1st of July 2011.