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    Q15. How would i know if i have a u uLCD-144(SGC) or a uLCD-144r(SGC)?

    Ans. Check the image attached. On the warranty label there is an "R" written in Block letter to specify a uLCD-144r module. The warranty labels are pasted on top of the uSD connectors on the module.
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      Q16. I received a uLCD-144(SGC) without a warranty label, How would i know if i have a uLCD-144(SGC) or a uLCD-144r(SGC)?

      Ans. There is no other way to know except trying both PmmCs. There is no harm in doing that. The wrong one would only let the module display White back-light or scrambled text on the screen. The correct one would display the proper splash screen.


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        Q17. Do I need to buy a USB to Serial converter with an SGC configured module?

        Ans.You don't need to but it is highly recommended to buy one for the following reasons.

        -It allows you to update the PmmC file in case an upgraded SGC PmmC file is released.
        -It allows you to connect your SGC configured display module with the PC and test/debug using the
        For more details, See this FAQ section.


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          Q18. What can I use DISP tool for?

          Ans. DISP tool is a Display initialization software tool which can be used to do the following,

          -Build a header file for a new Display (not the ones already integrated to the 4D processors in the form of display modules) and integrate it with the GOLDELOX-SGC processor.
          -Change the Display settings on an existing header file provided by 4D for the displays integrated on their Display modules. (Only adept users should attempt it)
          -Change the splash screen that appears on start-up.
          -Change the orientation.
          -Include custom fonts developed through FONT TOOL.

          Note: Before trying to download a header file on the Display module, make sure it is loaded with an SGC PmmC file.


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            Q19. What is the role of FONT TOOL in development with an SGC module?

            Ans. FONT TOOL is used to develop a variety of fonts which can be Windows built-in fonts or even custom designed fonts. The user can embed the fonts in to the PmmC file using the DISP Software tool. For more details refer to the GOLDELOX-SGC-COMMAND-SIS RXX.pdf document.