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WT-32 and Somo 14-D sound issue

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  • WT-32 and Somo 14-D sound issue

    Hi all, my groupmates and I are currently working on a senior design project and I've run into a bit of a snag that I hope you can help me with.
    The parts causing me trouble are the Somo 14-D audio sound module ( ... ts_id=9534) and the Bluegiga WT-32 bluetooth module ( ... ts_id=8952). As far as we know the wiring is all correct (though we can't rule out our own incompetence ).
    Here's the deal: When hooking a speaker directly to the output of the Somo 14-D, we get sound and its fine. When we hook up the bluetooth source module to a standard headphone jack (coming from an iPhone) and the sink to the speaker, we get audio fine. When we combine the two (source connected to output of Somo 14-D and sink connected to the speaker) we start to experience some issues. Namely, the sound is essentially static with a beat (you can tell its the song, because of the pattern of the static). We've tried all sorts of different encoding for the files on the Somo to no avail. We have no clue what to change. Our thought is its a setting on the WT32, but we don't know what to change (or how much to change it).
    Any help would be much appreciated and the sooner the help arrives, the better (as we're coming close to our deadline).

    p.s. We recently added the amplifier circuit, and it definitely sounds a lot better (where we can actually hear the song playing), but it is not anywhere near listenable quality.

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    A wiring diagram of your setup will really help!!!

    Suggestion: The SPK+ and SPK- are differential outputs, designed for direct speaker drive. Try using the AUDIO output, its referenced to GND.


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      hiIm also using wt32 module to transmit a audio to a headset. but i couldn't do it , attached file is the circuit im using, can any onw help me with this plz ,its urgent plz.thanx.

      Attached files eval.pdf (56.2 KB)


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        From what you are saying there is nothing wrong with the Somo since it sounds ok with a speaker.

        Never seen a WT-32, but looking at the data sheet, you need to

        Connect the audio out (not the speaker connections) to the WT-32Configure the WT-32 as single-ended input, Mono.Configure the WT-32's AD converter for a suitable data rate and anything else that is required.Check the input gain settings on the WT-32and probably a few more things besides


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          ya i did
          Connect the audio out to the WT-32,
          the thing is that i dont cannot enable the audio profile ,
          can u help me with this?

          WT32 is using iwrap , i try the commands given in iwrap but cannot on the audio interface.


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            No idea, perhaps there is a WT-32 specific forum somewhere?