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Loading 4DGL compiled program to flash

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  • Loading 4DGL compiled program to flash


    I have a uOLED32028-P1T with the uUSB-MB5. I am able to bring up 4DGL Workshop 3, compile and load my program into RAM.

    I wish to download a compiled 4DGL program into my display module and have it come up and run whenever power is supplied to the module.

    After loading my program into RAM, I tried clicking on the "Flash" button and then the "Download" button. If I disconnect my display from the uUSB-MB5 and then reconnect it, the display is blank. I can no longer download any compiled 4DGL programs until I reload the Pmmc file (uOLED-32028-P1T-4DGL-rev1_08.PmmC).

    How do I compile and load a program into Flash so that it will run whenever power is applied to my display?

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    I think you will find it is downloading to flash just fine.

    The problem is the Workshop 3 Auto Port Scanner is preventing the program from running

    Shutdown Workshop 3 then disconnect and reconnect your display and I think all will be ok.

    We are investigating.


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      I think I found the problem. I was downloading to flash just fine. When I disconnected the USB cable from the uUSB-MB5 board, then connected it again, the screen appeared dead. If I simply disconnect the uUSB-MB5 from the display (while leaving the USB cable connected) and then reconnect it to the display module, it seems to work.

      Kind of weird that disconnecting and reconnecting the USB cable doesn't work but disconnecting and reconnecting the uUSB-MB5 works fine...


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        As I said it's an issue with the auto port scanner.

        If you disconnect the cable Windows signals a device change notificatio that drives the auto port scanner which stuffs things up

        If the MB5 remains connected to the computer Windows doesn't see anything 'change' so the auto port scanner doesn't get a look in