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It has a built in Screensaver??!!

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  • It has a built in Screensaver??!!

    I've noticed that thie µLCD-320-PMD2 will go into a screensaver mode sometimes which includes bouncing balls and a moving starfield. This isn't mentioned anywhere in the official manual.

    Could you give more details on this awesome feature?

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    Hmmmmm.... didn't realise it slipped thru. We were testing some built in library functions for 4DGL (coming real soon) and somehow the bouncing balls and the starfield must have got left behind. It can be invoked by sending the ascii 'd' for demo.

    During Starfield you can change certain parameters, live, using the following keys:
    + : increase color factor
    - : decrease colour factor
    b : decrease blue offset
    B : increase blue offset
    g : decrease green offset
    G : increase green offset
    r : decrease red offset
    R : increase red offset

    Try pressing the above keys from your keyboard to get different effects. Best to use Hyperterminal as it will send every keystroke instantly to the module.

    This should provide a tiny little insight into the power of the PICASO + 4DGL.
    FYI, 500 stars at full 90 frames/sec......ENJOY!!!!


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      Wow. that's cool. i was trying to output an image and i think some commands got a bit mixed up must have had a 'd' in there somewhere.