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    Trying to create my own fonts, I used FontTool, modify some characters, and exported under 4DGL include format.
    So I red this file, and found

    some datas bytes...

    If I include the all content of this file in a 4DGL project, it's OK.

    But if I include it by
    #inherit ""
    compiler reports me an error.

    After some checks, I discover if I delete the "#END" in the end of the included file, it is OK... And my program runs OK.
    So, now the content of the included file is :
    // all the bytes defining the font, until the last line :
    0xE1, 0x80, 0x7F, 0x00, 0x3E, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00
    with absolutely nothing after the last byte.

    Strange, isn'it ?

    Thanks a lot for your answer.
    Best regards.

    PS : I didn't found anything about the #inherit directive, except the use in the sample programs...

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    Hi Joel, are you using WS3 / Goldelox GFX2 ?


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      WS3 ? Goldelox ? I don't know what is it...

      I use LCD Panel 240x320 3.5", uLCD-32032P1T and the last version of 4DGL.
      On the data sheet, I saw Picao-SGC graphic processor.
      I think my question is about compiler 4DGL.
      The problem is reported by 4DGL compiler.


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        ah that explains it, Picaso running 4DGL is currently not capable of displaying any external fonts. It only has the four internal fonts. There will be a new Picaso DLL coming shortly that will be able to support external fonts.


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          Thank you, Dave.

          In fact, I can work, by using "gfx_Bitmap" instruction.
          So, I modify the file generated by FontTool (in order to allow the use of gfxBitmap, by adding width and height before each character), I delete the #END in the end of the file, so I can write #inherit "file_name" in my program.

          Simply, I'm surprised to have to delete #END in the include file, and to have to write it if the datas are in the main file. By chance, I tried some things, and found a solution.

          Sur, I'll be happy to see a new Picaso DLL suporting external fonts !