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micro VGA as stand alone video generator

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  • micro VGA as stand alone video generator

    Hello all, new to this so please forgive my ineptness..

    Im going to make a video generator with a few buttons as to select different images..

    have a few questions:
    1. i see the micro vga has a horizontal output set at 31k, can this be changed to 24k and 15k also ?

    2. i would need to display full screen size BMP images using this, can the card hold these images so they can just be called on by the serial port? if not how can i display BMP images?

    3. this unit needs to be controlled via the serial port as i understand it, are there any premade controllers out there that can do this, cicruits ? or will i have to design one?

    This will be my first time with anything like this, can anyone advise where i would find samles and references?


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    2. The current uVGA cannot access it's uSD card, the forthcoming uVGA II will have the same accessibility as a 'normal' Display module and hence can be either SGC or GFX. They cannot display BMP images directly, you need to convert the images using Graphics Composer and then place them on the card.

    3. When running SGC you will need to control the display via the serial port. Any device that can send serial commands will suffice.

    3b. If using 4DGL and GFX you will probably be able to use the available pins and program it yourself, so perhaps, all you will need is the switches.


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      hi thanks for the quick reply'
      Sorry what does SGC and GFX stand for?

      do you know when version two will be available ?

      Will it be possible to output the video in 24k and 15k as well as 31k ?

      So the new version will be 4dgl and not require an external controller? You mention avaible pins, what pins are available? how many?

      Thank you


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        GFX (This is the, smaller, Goldeox version of the GFX2 software. The Picaso version is not yet available)

        This is the current Picaso GFX which might give you more of an idea of what to expect (uVGA II is Picaso Based)

        When will it be available? Please don't hold me to it, but 'The boys are downstairs playing with a production version right now.'

        I'm not sure exactly what you are asking with the (assumed) scan frequencies. The resolutions available on an early prototype were 320x240, 640x480 and 800x480, if that is any help.

        I'm not sure exactly what you want the pins for, but 10+ would be a number to think of.


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          Thanks for the info'
          The specs for the microVGA state a 31k horizontal frequency for 640*480 and 35KHz for 800*600, i need to be able to switch between 31kHz, 24kHz and 15kHz, resolution is not important only the horizontal frequency is for me. so 320*240 at 15k and 24k would be the go..
          Would you be able to ask your engineers how i would go about doing this with the new version