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Drawing with color with grey colour is wierd?

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  • Drawing with color with grey colour is wierd?

    firmware rev 7.

    Dunno if this is a bug or what, but when i draw with a grey like colour eg, msb:lsb(0x84, 0x10)(10000100-00010000) it results in a wierd pulsing effect on the drawn pixels. For example, if you draw a white square then draw grey lines on it the grey lines seems to pulse dark then bright. It's even wierder if you draw a solid rectangle that colour
    Also noticable with other grey like colours(0xc6,0x18)

    Is this a design limitation(or feature) of the display(and/or LCDs in general) ? I

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    Hmmmm, we tried all those combinations and the display is solid as a rock. However, certain colours do give that pulsating effect which become more apparent with much larger displays, eg uVGA driving a 15" or larger size monitor but we can't notice it on the uLCD-320.


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      I took a video of it with a digital camera, it's visible on that, once i find some drivers for it (Sony says it doesn't need drivers, Vista says it does.. doh!) i'll post a link to it.