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  • Overload fonts?

    I noticed that in the new PmmC 2.0 the Font tool is also supported for the Picaso platform.
    I need german characters (ä,ö,ü..) and degree character (°) in all fonts. The Font4 is located in the Include directory, but I can't find Font1 to Font3. I think they are stored by default in the diplay. How can I change these fonts without loading them as additional fonts and therfore waste memory?

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    Hi Thomas,
    FONT4 was dropped to give you additional program space. FONT1, FONT2 and FONT3 are the default fonts and are fixed. If you wish to add another language font, it would be possible to select the font you require with the font edit tool and include it in your program. Now that PicasoGFX2 has larger codespace, and ability to run overlays in a much improved way you should be able to re-organize your program so that your fonts are resident in the FLASH portion of your program, and then load any transient sub-programs to RAM and execute them, passing a pointer from the required font(s) in the main FLASH program. The transient parts of the program can then be discarded when no longer required. Alternatively, fonts could instead be part of the transient program that is loaded instead of having fixed additional fonts in the main FLASH program. It's just a matter of determining the best compromise for this. If you had lots of different transient programs requiring lots of different fonts, it it better and more efficient to have the font in the loaded program, saving pace in the FLASH portion of your program. If you only have 1 or 2 additional fonts, its most likely best to keep them in the FLASH part of the program, and pass a pointer to the called program so it can access the correct address of the font in the FLASH program.