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    today I got my ordered Display µLCD-320, at first I had some Problems with the startup, Docklight doesn´t work really good, I have changed to hterm and some cmd work fine.
    At moment I have a µsd card inside, the Pmmc6 Version and the graphic composer is 2004 installed.
    The problem is I can load a Picture (200x300,.bmp) inside the display or is the picture on the µsd??
    How can I see the picture on the display?? the play and forward and backward buttons for the graphic composer are grey or they doesn´t work.

    Can anybody help me!
    best regards


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    If you can load the picture into the µSD card with Graphics Composer you can use hterm to send the display picture command.
    GC outputs a text file in the same directory as the picture which you can use to find out where it stored the picture and the necessary commands to put it on screen.

    In next revision they'll certainly enable those buttons, keep posted