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Sound Ticking On Playback

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  • Sound Ticking On Playback


    While playing around with the SOMO-14D I noticed that there is a ticking sound while the file is playing back. This is not the same as the start or stop click that the add on circuit is supposed to cure. It is present in both the direct speaker and amplifier hookups. Is this just the nature of the beast or is there a cure? I'm using the "Audacity" sound program to edit sound files and change the rate from 44.1K to 32K. Is there another method that I should be using?

    Also, a PIC Basic "getting started " example piece of code would go a long way to getting the user up and going in the right direction. Finally, that add on circuit could make a project a bit sloppy as it is likely to be as large as the sound module itself. Maybe that network could be made part of the sound module using the spare module pins.


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    Me Again

    I forgot to install the filter capacitor at pin 8.