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4DGL PmmC Release (R22) - PICASO-GFX2

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  • 4DGL PmmC Release (R22) - PICASO-GFX2

    PICASO-GFX2 PmmC R22 has been released as of 13th September 2010. All the PmmC files are within the Zip folder. For the individual PmmC, please visit the relevant product page's "Downloads tab".

    Please also check the Release notes attached here.

    Note: A function has been added in the function file to allow the user to calibrate the Touch screen. They need to replace the function file in the ...\4D Workshop 3 IDE\INCLUDE folder to make the compiler recognize that function. Find the updated function file in the attached Zip folder.

    For calibration, user needs to use a 4DGL program called TOUCHCAL.4dg which will take the touch input from the user and calibrate the Touch screen. If the default Touch calibration from the PmmC file is not accurate, use the TOUCHCAL.4dg program to overwrite the Touch settings.You need to do it once after loading the PmmC file. Find the 4DGL program in the attached Zip folder.