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Clear screen, another way?

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  • Clear screen, another way?

    Hi! I’m trying to show the unformated string “‘h”u”m”i”d”i”t”y”-”f”l”o”w”e”r”s”1?” at a moment… but in another moment i need to show “‘h”u”m”i”d”i”t”y”-”f”l”o”w”e”r”s”2?”… I need to clear my screen to write only the character ’2? each time? Or have another way to so this? Because if i need to clear up my screen every time, my code will take more memory and its a problem for me.

    Thanks a lot, if anyone could help me.

    Sorry about my english, it’s very poor. I am brazillian! hahahaha


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    cmd : 4Fhex, Oascii
    mode : = 00hex : Transparent Text, objects behind the text can be seen.
    = 01hex: Opaque Text, objects behind text is blocked by background

    This command will change the attribute so that when a character is written, it will
    either write just the character alone (Transparent Mode) so any original character will be seen as well as the new, or overwrite any existing data with the new character. - juat move to the character you need to change