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Protocol to send the PmmC and programs to Picaso

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  • Protocol to send the PmmC and programs to Picaso

    Hello all,

    I want to integrate my picaso display in to an enclosure together with a FEZ mini from This means i cant use the usb-serial interface anymore.  The FEZ mini does have a USB port that i want to use to communicate with the uLCD.

    But now is my question how can i upload programs/firmware's trough the FEZ mini i mean the protocol to upload the firmware and applications without using the PmmC tool or the IDE to upload the programs.



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    I think you'd be better off unplugging from FEZ and reporgramming in the 'normal way'.

    The efforts involved in 'reinventing the wheel' and solving any bugs therein would seem to not be worth it


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      are you using the display in serial or 4DGL mode - if 4DGL and it has 2 com ports - bring com0 out for service and the FEZ on com1


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        Thanks for you suggestion Kaddrison, but this will not work. The enclosure is very small and i do not want export this port.

        So please i do not want to 'reinventing the wheel'  i only want to know how to code the protocol to send the firmware and program's trough the FEZ.



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          I have assumed that the PMMC will not need tobe updated too often. I use COM1, independantly from COM0, and have written a PC app and 4DGL firmware to transfer 4FN files to my device's SD card. By this method I have access to COM0 from a peripheral device (like the FEZ) and communicate with the PC via a USB serial converter through COM1.

          A 10kb 4FN file only takes a a couple of seconds and is much easier than inserting / removing SD cards, or having to reconnect the device and program the flash.

          I have also just posted a message that outlines the basics for bootloader and program code so you can have all your main files located on the SD card, and only have to write the "flash" code once. Of course this is assuming you're using 4DGL, if you're on a serial platform, this won't help.
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