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uLCD144, OLED128, OLED160 compatibility

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  • uLCD144, OLED128, OLED160 compatibility

    I've been playing with and building projects using all 3 of these displays. I have one product where it would be nice if I could easily use whichever one is appropriate, as they are all identical to program for. (adjusting for 128 vs 160 is trivial).

    Why aren't the uLCD144 and OLED128 boards essentially identical? If they had the same mounting, and used the same connector in the same place, they would be completely interchangeable. (I currently find the uLCD144 pretty much unusable due to it's completely ridiculous mounting holes.)

    The OLED128 and OLED160 could be EASILY modified to have the same mounting for 2 of the holes. They way it is now, it's quite difficult to make a board that could take either - due to the fact that NONE of the mounting holes actually line up.