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  • Pmmc reload

    I have just received a uLCD-32PT GFX (2?), and I am trying out the 4DGL. I have found that, if I use the PmmC loader, to load uLCD-32PTGFX-R22.PmmC into flash and then compile and download, it works OK, but if I compile and download again, I get the message 'Device is not responding. Please check your configuration. Have you got an SGC PmmC loaded by mistake?' If I then reload the PmmC, it works OK again. Is this normal?

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    No, it's not normal, you should be able to compile and download to you hearts content.

    Is the program you are loading one of the samples (which one)? if not, does it do some kind of extensive Serial I/O?

    What if you power cycle the display?

    How are you connecting the display to your computer CE5 / MB5 / something else?

    Are you downloading to Flash or RAM? Does it make any difference if you do it the other way?


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      The files I am downloading are compiled from the sample files supplied (clipped circles, press the button on the touch screen, clipped triangles etc). If I power cycle the display, I get the same error (although the downloaded file runs on start-up when downloaded to flash). I am connecting to the display via a MAX3232, configured as per the 'Alternative PC RS232' section of document -
      (I assume there is no i/f difference between the OLED and LCD versions). It makes no difference if I download to RAM or Flash (apart from above observation)


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        OK, I've now bought a uUSB-CE5 and the problem has gone away - I can download as often as I like. I think there must have been a problem with DTR/Reset, maybe noise or a slow edge. Bottom line - it's OK now.