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problems playing from 3V battery

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  • eforman

    UPDATE: I tried with a 3.3V regulator coming from a power supply, and sounds now do play. Apparently the problem is that a standard 3V coin battery can't supply enough current. However, the Next button is still buggy, it plays the same file again 1 out of 4 times. Also, more importantly - I need battery operation, and I was counting on the small form factor of a single battery.

    Any suggestions for single batteries smaller than 2 AAA's that can supply SOMO's rated >45mA continuous current? Bit confused since camera batteries like CR2 and CR123 are only rated up to 20mA continuous current ( ... CR123A.pdf). Pulse current rating is much higher but audio might be playing for many minutes. An energizer EL123 battery also specs

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  • eforman
    started a topic problems playing from 3V battery

    problems playing from 3V battery

    I have a brand new SOMO 14D running from a brand new CR2032 battery in simple key-mode. The unit plays sounds for just a second, sometimes more sometimes less, and then stops - sometimes not at all. The "next" button works 1 out of 10 times, but the subsequent sound never plays more than a fraction of a second,and the third sound never plays at all. After pressing Next several times, the Busy indicator flashes rapidly and the card must be removed and reinserted to do anything (powering off and on does not restore functionality). I've read through this comprehensive forum post ( and tried everything i could think of.

    - I tried a Transcend 2GB card, a SanDisk 1GB card and a SanDisk 2GB card - only the Transcend plays anything
    - I am using 4D's sample files
    - The card is formatted FAT16
    - I also tried formatting the card with a special SD card formatter recommended on forum ( ... ter20.html)
    - I have a 220uF decoupling cap