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  • Baudrate issue

    I'm currently interfacing the uCam to a standard VGA monitor with a TSK3000 (Altium's embedded processor) in C. (160x120, 16 bit RGB)
    Everything works fine at the default baudrate of 57600 bps (I can stream the images to the monitor without problem), but the camera doesn't respond once I've changed the baudrate to a higher value. Everything works fine with the test software, even at high baudrates... The problem occurs when I send the SET BAUDRATE command from my processor. It also won't work if I use the 115200 bps autodetect baudrate.
    The processor is running @ 50 MHz, so I doubt my RX buffer overflows...Do I need to add some delays before sending specific commands to the uCam?
    Thanks for your help!

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    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    I've coded a small "blob detection" algorithm with the uCam, and the only remaining issue is the SET BAUDRATE command. I've tried quite a lot of scenarios, and as suggested , I am sending an ACK at the old speed (57600) once the set baudrate command as been sent. I still can't manage to change the speed to a higher or lower value. I was thus wondering what was the complete procedure in order to change the baudrate, as it seem that the datasheet one isn't complete...


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      You send the SET BAUDRATE command, the camera responds ACK, then you change your baud rate and continue with the next command.


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        Thanks for the quick reply,The camera works as I thought then, there must be a problem on my part...
        Thanks for your help!