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uCam-TTL with GoldeloxGFX2

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  • uCam-TTL with GoldeloxGFX2

    hi i recently buy a development board with an uOled 128 GFX2, and a uCam ttl. Im trying to achieve the same as the "uCam ttl streaming live video to uOled128" and I got the source code from Anna Ceguera (Anna SandBox), but seems to be an old version, cause Im trying to compile it in the 4d workshop 3 and with GOLDELOX-GFX2 platform (that works for me on another programs), and a lot of errors appear, seems that the only way to compile it without errors is choosing the GOLDELOX-GFX2-LEGACY from the platform menu. but when I try to download the code to my uOled module, it says "Platform release and PmmC version appear incompatible, program may not work" and it is, it doesn't work, My module has the uOled-128-G1hGFX-R20.pmmc file.
    Can someone please post the new revision for the code that works on GOLDELOX-GFX2 platform and 4Dworkshop 3, to help me achieve the objective that is shown on your video?. Also the video says that ucam ttl is streaming video to a GFX2 processor, not a GFX, so it must work.

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    There is a new compiler that has become available since that code was written and it's a lot more careful about its parsing, it finds a quite a few errors that the older compiler did not.

    You should have no problem in fixing all of them.

    Error: statement has no effect (line 554 file:SANDBOX-0001_uCAM_gfx2.4DG)
    Should be
    err := take_pic(); // take the picture

    Error: syntax error in expression ? ';' (line 208 file:SANDBOX-0001_uCAM_gfx2.4DG)
    should be

    Error: expected 'identifier' but got 'next' (line 102 file:SANDBOX-0001_uCAM_gfx2.4DG)
    You will need to change next to be an identifier, say nexta, since next is a reserved word in the new compiler. You also need to change the label itself


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      hi thanks for the code corrections, now the code compile and could be loaded to my GOLDELOX-GFX2 module, and it seems to function correctly on the module.
      But now the problem comes when I connect the camera and the module with the development board as the video described above, the module runs the program as in the video, then I synchronize with the camera and when the Resolution/Color/Contrast menu appears, I can change the parameters, but I cant get farther than there, the camera doesn't start to stream video, no matter what resolution/Contrast/Color I chose, and if i try to hold the FIRE button pressed, the module reboots.
      I bought the new camera's version, the one that has black PCB, no the GREEN ones, but it is supposed to be the same and to work the same, its only a new hardware revision.
      Also when i try the uCamdemo software on my PC, the only way I can connect my camera is at 115200 baud, and the only pictures I can take are JPEG, i can't connect at other baud rates and also I can't init the camera with another parameters for example with "16-bit color" or "8-bit Grayscale", it says "response to initial not correct".
      So to this point, the module program seems to be well right now, but the problem seems to be the camera, I don't know if this problems reported with uCamDemo are also present in the old revision camera (the ones with Green PCB). So if the uCamDemo software is unable to initialize my black PCB camera in another way than JPEG, obviously the module can neither initialize the camera, it does not support JPEG mode for video transmission.
      So please help me with this issue, let me know if my camera isn't working well, or all the black PCB cameras have this problem?. Have you tried to stream video with a GOLDELOX-GFX2 Module and a black PCB camera hardware?. Or just with the old Green PCB cameras could be done?
      Also why the uCamdemo isn't working well?, only with JPEG mode?


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        I found the correct name for my camera is not the Black PCB, is the uCAM529-TTL instead of the uCAM-TTL(GreenPCB). a
        Also I have readed in another post from right here that someone has also been having trouble with the camera, and the solution he found and comments, is that he replaced the camera by a new one, and all the issues disappear, also he said that the cameras have a bug, is that my case?, why does 4D systems doesn't warn us from that?


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          Please contact us at [email protected]


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            The user had purchased the uCAM529 which doesn't support RAW images, we have replaced his camera with the uCAM which is what he really wanted to buy.


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              That is not true, i got in touch with 4d systems three or four days ago and still not get any answer from them, How could you say that MY CAMERA HAS BEEN REPLACED?.
              They haven't answered me nothing yet, and you already assumed that my camera was replaced.
              4D systems owe me a breadboard since my last order, because it didn't come in my order and it was included in my product, it was their mistake not send it.
              I'm from Mexico and how can I have hope that my camera is going to be replaced if they haven't answered me a single e-mail?
              you tell me what can I do now?
              thanks for your attention anyway.


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                Hi Emmanuel,
                I replied to the inquiry you sent via "Contact Us" page on our website. I never got a response to that email. Could you please check your inbox!

                Meanwhile, we shipped out the Breadboard and a uCAM-TTL (OV528 based CAM)
                to the same shipping address we used before.


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                  Hi I'll be waiting for the package then, I'm working in a massive comercial product for a prestigious university, we are evaluating your products, dont get me wrong but i must be sure that you're our best option, and also how you can provide us support. THANKS FOR THE SERVICE UP TO NOW, AND THE REPLACEMENT THAT YOU'RE SENDING.



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                    finally the replacement arrived, and all the bugs and errors gone, the old uCAM529 just gave me headaches. By the way, I still got just one doubt, why does the cost of the uCam529 is the same as the uCamTTL(528)?, The uCam(528) has all the functionalities(JPEG and RAW), and the uCam529 only has JPEG, so I think that if uCam529 would cost less than the uCam528 ($60 vs $45 for example), then all this thread wouldn't exist, because I had bought the right camera the first time.
                    Also please update the information on the online shop website to avoid another confusion, because the information of the uCam529 says that could also take RAW pictures.


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                      The uCAM(528) is based on the OV528 chip and the uCAM(529) is based on the OV529 chip. The OV528 chip is in short supply hence the reason for bringing out the uCAM(529). Unfortunately not all the features of the 528 are supported in the 529. Hardware cost is the same. The info on the Shopping Cart was updated when you originally raised the issue.