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    Hello everyone,

    I need some help because I'm trying to operate with raw information obtained by micro-camera but I don't find too much information about the specific Raw format for this case. The 16-bit RAW format uses 2 bytes per pixel, but, there is any distinction between Red, Green and Blue in these pixels? What is the order followed by camera to transmit the bytes?

    I would like to do some image processing so I need a more intuitive format that jpeg. Does anyone know (general explanation) how I could obtain a bmp image from this raw file?
    Thank you!

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    It Really does tell you in the doc, it might just whiz past without any registration

    Bottom of page 8:-

    16-bit Colour (RAW, 565(RGB))

    That means the colors are in Red, Green, Blue order and that there's 5 bits of Red, followed by 6 bits of Blue followed by 5 bits of Green


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      Thank you so much. I've seen 565 in some place, but I didn't understand rightly.