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uCam529 TTL - Misc Issues

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  • uCam529 TTL - Misc Issues

    *** The datasheet mentions demo pc software tool. The picture on p18 shows it is called "GPS/CAM Test Software" . How can I download this program? If the proper software is uCamDemo-rev2.exe, then my issue is explained below. *** The datasheet's pin descriptions don't match the part (which are written on the PCB). Looks like they were copied from the '528. *** The uCam528-TTL voltage range is 3.0V to 3.6V DC - nominal 3.3V.. It works if powered by 3.3V and the TTL signals are 3.3V. The data sheet on the '529 sez it is a 5.0V part. If you power the '529 with 3.3V, the regulator basically passes 3.3V through. Is there any reason why the uCam529 cannot work like the uCam528 and operate from 3.3V? I cannot see that there are any parts that use 5.0V. *** The command set from the uCam529 shown on the data sheet is also a copy of the uCam528. Is this a typo? *** I am working with the 4D and Electronics123/Comedia OV528 and the replacement OV529 based devices. My actual issue is I cannot get a sync response from the uCam529 ==> Electronics123 C328 UART : OV528 : Sync CMD = AA0D00000000 OKAY ==> Electronics123 C329 UART : OV529 : Sync CMD = FFFFFF0D00000000 OKAY ==> uCam528-TTL : OV528 : Sync CMD = AA0D00000000 OKAY ==> uCam529-TTL : OV529 : Sync CMD = AA0D00000000 NO REPONSE Sync CMD = FFFFFF0D00000000 NO RESPONSE *** I have the Omnivison OV528 datasheet. The default command set defines every command be prefixed with FFFFFF. There is a reference to "Optional Program Memory" and that users can define their own command sets. So, aparently, Electronics123/Comedia and 4D have a shared command set for their OV528 based devices where commands are prefixed with AA. ** In the C329 datasheet (has the OV529 chip), there is a reference that a Program EEPROM provides the program code that give the OV529 its interface and command set. Now, the C329's protocol looks more like the default protocol as defined in the OV528 datasheet. If the uCam529 datasheet is correct, 4D has maintained the protocol between their OV528 and OV529 based devices - I just cannot get a response. Any and all help appreciated.

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    I can't answer all of your questions, but maybe a few and you will be able to work out the rest.

    uCamDemo-rev2.exe is the correct software.

    The uCam529 is a 5volt device, if you try and run it on 3.3v it will not respond to commands properly.

    I'm not sure which datasheet you are looking at but the 529 commands are the same as the 528 commands, the only difference is that the commands not supported by the 529 (basically the RAW commands) are not available.


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      I've learned a bit more. Hopefully this will help someone else.
      * There is a rev4 of the manual dated 12/8/2010 that fixes the pinout designation. ucam529-ds-rev4.pdf has been updated on the product link in the online shop. The uCam529 does not appear on 4D's products page - only in the store.
      * The uCamDemo-rev2.exe is the correct software and does work. The uCam529 protocol is an AA-prefixed command set as stated in the manual. The trick for the demo program:
      - Baud is 115200
      - Set Color Type = JPEG
      * The Comedia/Electronics123 C328AP.exe PC program works with the uCam528 but not with the uCam529 due to protocol changes. uCamDemo-rev2.exe works with the uCam528, uCam529, and C328 cameras. The C329 camera is a new protocol.
      * There's a 3.3V regulator with a 5V input. If powered from 3.3V, the regulator isn't in regulation and passes the DC input with a 0.7V drop. 2.6V is below the minimum rated voltages for just about every identifiable part on the camera. * The uCam529-TTL appears to operate properly running on 3.3V with the input of the regulator shorted to the output (to eliminate the drop). I cannot identify any part that uses 5V and I ohmed out 5V and can find not find any connections. * My off-board UART is an LTC1386.