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  • Please remember Ram or Flash

    It gets really annoying to startup the workshop, load my app, save it to the display, then move the display to my test hardware and find there is no app loaded.
    It seems the workshop always defaults to RAM as the target.
    How about remembering the last setting for the project, and saving it with the project?

    (very appt verification code for this one: pita5)

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    I hope you'll get used to it

    You see, if the compiler remembered your last setting then you could be unwittingly using up limited flash write cycles.

    And I don't want to put up a 'Do you really want to save to flash?' question every time you save to flash, methinks it would be far worse than forgetting.


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      So, you're afraid we'll write to flash over 1000 times? That's a LOT of development for one board. (And that is pretty crappy flash. All the other CPU's I use rate their flash as 10,000 E/W cycles.)


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        I think it might be wise for you to stick with the others and not use the 'crappy' one.


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          LOL - lots of negatives and no pluses from some people


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            I'm very happy how it's done on the version 3 of the IDE, and then the keyword #RUNMODE makes it easy to.

            As for going back and forth between the serial cable (dev mode) and my host board, I've done all the hard work using a serial terminal (docklight) and a command interpreter included in the 4DGL code to test all the scenes, then once I start putting everything together with the host board, I'm using a loader installed flash, just like it's done with the 4D demo with tetris and the other app/games, provided as examples. Further code upgrade is done with the SD card (partitionned with FAT for the .4EX and RAW for the images and icons).
            Very easy. Congrats 4D, I'm having a LOT of fun with those displays !