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  • File Error 16

    I have recently installed the latest pmmc (uLCD-32032-P1TGFX-R22.PmmC) to my uLCD-32032-P1T. I have workshop version The display comes up as a 32032-P1_GFX2 in the workshop dropdown (is this correct?).
    Everything seems to work OK apart from the uSD card.

    Running the "Images.4dg" in the Picasso-General examples folder causes the program to hang at the file mount command and gives file error 16. I have written my own program that also uses the file_LoadImageControl command and this too fails to work and gives file error 16.

    The card is samsung 2GB and worked fine with this display until I installed the latest pmmc. I have tried it formatted to fat16 using xp and linux and it still does not work. Previously the display would read from the card even if I had formatted it using Windows 7 (fat32 I think).
    Is my setup correct, and what do I need to do to get the card working?

    Thanks for any help


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    An error code 16 is 'cannot read MBR', it would tend to suggest the uSD card is faulty.

    Can you try another card?

    BTW you always need to format it as FAT16 (or just FAT) FAT32 will not work


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      I have just tried another card (2GB unknown make) formatted to FAT16 using XP and it does now work. Thanks for your advice!
      Do you know of any way of formatting a card to FAT16 using Win7? I have tried google but it wasn't any help.



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        I just tried FAT formatting on Win 7 (32 bit) and it seemed to work fine, dunno why you might be having difficulty