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PoGa 'Pong Like' Game - Finished

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  • PoGa 'Pong Like' Game - Finished

    PoGa 'Pong Like' Game
    This is my first PoGa project. It wasn't that hard to make but it did take a while to find the best (most efficient) way to make it. The game is quite primitive, it is best if it doesn't get too complicated that way it is easy to understand and use as a beginner project.
    Now that I got my feet wet, I will be making some tutorials soon.
    I am done with this game, it is at a good place for beginners to learn some basics, for best learning experience compare the old and new code, you'll see differences in the way things are drawn! - - NEW
    Enjoy! Attached files (38.5 KB) (39.5 KB)
    Omar Z
    Feel free to contact me for whatever reason.