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Big Fonts - Too Much Space Around Characters

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  • Big Fonts - Too Much Space Around Characters

    I have just started using the Fonttool and I would like to make some large fonts, just numbers.

    When I try to convert a font it seems to leave a lot of space around the character. Looking at the included fonts in the Disp utility they only have a small space around the character (as they should). I have uploaded to the display and they don't look good.

    Is there a way to change this or am I doing something wrong?

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    Often a 'real' font has a lot of extra space around them (especially when they are large).

    You usually get around that by using the arrows to move each character in the font closer to the top left corner and then saving the font using a smaller size.

    But what you are describing doesn't quite sound right.

    Can you give us the Font Name and size that you are trying to extract the numbers out of?

    And also perhaps describe what you mean by 'they don't look good'?


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      Looking at the fonts that were on the display the 12x16 font has a character size of 11x14 so has a space to the side of 1 pixel and to the bottom of 2 pixels.

      When I try to create a font that is 28 high the font is 27x28 and the character size is 12x18 leaving spaces of 15 pixels to the side and 10 below.

      The above example uses Arial and is for a 0 (zero). but I have tried other fonts with similar results.

      I think your advice about exporting the font in a smaller size should work and I will give that a try but I would have thought that by default the ratio of character size to font dimensions would remain more of less constant at any font size.



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        The sizes of the fonts in FontTool is the way Windows Font Services is creating the size specific font from the TrueType Font.

        If you type two lines of text in Word and then change the font sizes you will see the same effect in Word, sometimes the whitespace increases, sometimes the font increase and sometimes both increase. I guess they never thought the fonts would be used in this particular way and hence it wasn't really noticable.